388 Old Street, Shoreditch, London, EC1V 9LT

Telephone: (+44) 7707901882 Email: ziferblat.london@gmail.com

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 11pm; Sat – Sun 12pm – 11pm

7p per minute for 1st hour (total £4.20)

4p per minute for 2nd, 3rd & 4th hour

– Daily Cap at 4th hour £11.40

What is Ziferblat?

Ziferblat is a tree house for adults where we encourage you to create, collaborate and play. Together we want to build a community of people who want to use our space to make something interesting.

Think of Ziferblat as an extension of your own home; a place to relax, meet new friends, discover new experiences.

Here you are free to be yourself… or anyone else for that matter!

Ziferblat’s doors are open to everyone, and each Ziferblat member becomes a sort of ‘micro-tenant’ of the space, responsible for it and able to influence its life.

Everything is free inside except the time you spend here, and by paying for the time; you make a donation towards the further development of this social experiment.


What happens in Ziferblat?

Ziferblat is a place where you can work, play and relax:

Browse our book selection, hold a meeting, tinkle about on the piano. Make new friends over a cup of coffee, get competitive with old school board games. Delight in performance events, learn a new skill at a workshop and admire great works of art.

In other words, do whatever you like as long as you respect the space and the other people in it.


If you have an idea for an event, workshop, talk or experience which you think would suit Ziferblat, just speak to one of our team or email us and we will try and make it happen.

If you want to hire out the entire space for a private event or function please get in touch. Prices are negotiated on an individual basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.