Hi everyone!

We’re super stoked to present the speakers lineup for the inaugural Ziferblab at 19:00 on Monday, November 13th.

MATT KORDA: “Demystifying the North Korean Missile Threat”

Pssst… have you heard? There’s a crazy leader running around with nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles – and now Kim Jong-un has them too! In this informal yet informative talk, Matt Korda will discuss the ins and outs of the North Korean nuclear missile programme: What do they have? Why do they have it? And what are they going to do with it? Warning: there may be missile-based puns.

Matt Korda is a Ziferblat host and postgraduate researcher at the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London, where he focuses on North Korean missiles. His work has been published in Arms Control Wonk, the UK Project on Nuclear Issues, and the Canadian International Council, among others. In February 2018 he will be joining NATO’s Weapons of Mass Destruction & Nonproliferation division.


MADDISON BRUNO: “Herbs: What You Need To Know About Them. Do They Do Things? Let’s Find Out!”

Experienced herbalist Maddison Bruno will give a dynamic mini-lecture on three super common, super awesome healing plants: calendula (Calendula officinalis), broadleaf plantain (Plantago major L.), and Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata). During the time a quick overview of each will be given along with tips for identification and local scavenging; because even in London these little guys are all over the place! And once you know what to look for you’ll see plant friends popping up, ready to be made into naturally medicinal teas, tinctures, syrups, decoctions, and more!


CLARE & CHLOË: “From Enemy to Friend? Freaks in Horror”

From Dracula to Halloween, Freaks to The Faculty, horror has always been fascinated with outsiders. How has that fascination developed in horror films over time? Are the freaks still the villains? What does horror tell us about how society thinks of its weirdos and outcasts?

Chloë and Clare are a pair of outsiders and weirdos who spend too much time watching horror films. When they aren’t doing that, Chloë is at Roller Derby and Clare is running stupidly long distances. Or they are playing board games. Dead of Winter anyone?


ELENA GALLUCCIO: “The Godfather: Italian Mafias Explained to Foreigners”

…“You don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married, and you ask me to do murder for money.”

For many people, Italy equals mafia, and mafia equals The Godfather. But is it a reliable stereotype? How can we define mafia? How many mafias are there in Italy? In this talk, Elena will set the story straight and discuss the history of organised crime in the boot-shaped country.
SPOILER: To be clear, there will be no glorifying. Mafias are shit.

Elena Galluccio is an Italian citizen (you guessed it) and soon to be graduate at King’s College London. She will probably end up doing Business Intelligence, but she also studied history and sociology of Mafias as an elective course during her undergraduate degree, at the University of Milan. Her professor is the son of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, who was assassinated by Mafia in 1982.


ANNA KORJAKINA: “How to Pitch to Journalists and Press”

Anna Korjakina, publisher of Rutage lifestyle magazine, PR agency Media Sapiens Network founder,
with international experience in profit and not-for-profit organisations, will speak how to get the attention of media and get free publicity.

Every day she receives tons of press releases, but selects only a few of them to be published. Do you know why so few?

She will speak about good and bad cases — and maybe it will be you who will tell us why!


SOPHIE VARLOW & NICK WOOD: “Building an Alternative Digital Community for Social Change”

Exploring how we can all come together using new technologies to create an alternative economy which values all humans equally, and shares the world’s resources fairly, reducing environmental damage. We’re working on this for real, and it would be great to be able to share where we have got to so far, and invite you to join the collaboration.

Sophie Varlow and Nick Wood have begun an audacious plan to change the world without either an undersea base, white cat or evil laugh (yet).


£5 at the door. See you there!

Introducing ZIFERBLAB — a bar-room lecture series in your local non-bar.

Lectures will be 10 minutes each, followed by 5 minutes of Qs and hopefully some As.

If you wish to present at future Ziferblabs please email with a brief summary (around 50-ish words) and short speaker bio (just a couple sentences).

£5 at the door (free for speakers!) — come listen and learn about random subjects from your fellow wonderful Ziferblatians!