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Ziferburg – to build a new one
Ziferburg is a part of the big Ziferblat family. Ziferblat is an unconventional project, which is growing and flourishing thanks to its team and guests. Each Ziferblat guest becomes a micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence its life. There are Ziferblats not only in Russia, but also in England (London, Manchester, Liverpool) and Slovenia, Lublyana.
Ziferburg have been located in thevery heart of Saint – Petersburg on a mansard floor of an antique trading house Passage. At the moment we are forced to concede this place to a big restaurant holding.
We have decided not to focus on fighting for the place, but on finding a better one, which, we assume, will open new horizons for the project.
Our aim – to re-create Ziferburg at a new location
Since the Ziferburg’s begining, it has hosted the biggest in Russia poetic evenings, theatrical festivals, significant jazz concerts, and even The Circus week and many more events.
In 2013 people’s artist Slava Polynin’s press conference took place in Ziferburg.
In 2014 Saint- Petersburg’s governor George Sergeevich Poltavchenko chose Ziferburg as a place for the city youth volunteer organisations. The same year Ziferburg was one of the locations for the interntional festival of contemporary art MANIFESTA 10.
Overall, we have hosted more than 500 events. We are truly proud of all of them.
Our guests are musicians, finalists of the “Petrojazz” festival, actors of the Alexandrinsky and Mariinsky theaters, journalists, creators of the poetic clubs of St. Petersburg, poets, artists of international exhibitions, as well as foreign guests of the city.
We are now in need of help and support of each of you. And we are saying about it out loud.
We need your help.
Moving Ziferburg could be compared with a new place opening. We have already found some locations in the city center. Ziferburg team has some savings, but deposit and the first month rent may be as high as 8 660 EURO, which ufortunately we do not have.
The minimum sum to succesfully move Ziferburg to a new place is 4 310 EURO.
If you are willing to help us, you are welcome to donate any sum you like starting from 3 EURO.


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