Dietary variety – because we care

Do you have lactose intolerance or are you allergic to gluten? No worries:


Not only Ziferblat London has a very special coffee roasted with great passion by the coffee enthusiasts of Exmouth Coffee. We also provide our guests with lactose free milk and butter, gluten free oaty bisquits, gluten free and organic breakfast cereals.


You can safely eat cornflakes and muesli, have a cortado, cappuccino, latte or chai tea on either almond or soya milk and as a snack; a selection of Nairn’s pure gluten free oats. This is to say we care about our guests and want to help you stay healthy and safe.


And for those who can’t live without a warm toast with a thick layer of butter or cow milk in their tea/coffee?


We have plenty of whole and semi-skimmed milk and other dairy products – and biscuits rich on both wheat and butter, not to forget.