What you’ve been saying about us

We regularly get such kind comments from you lovely people! Here’s a few of my favourites.


Loved the ambience and the openness of the idea! Perfect for office work, chit chat, catch up etc. also learned how to make a good coffee. Owners were extremely nice. highly recommended!

– Zeeshan – April 2015


Ziferblat is much more than a “pay-as-you-go-cafe”. That´s how is been described all around the media in the last weeks. The truth is that you don´t really come to Ziferblat for the coffee. You come for the great atmosphere and the peaceful feeling that you get from the kitchen blue walls and the lovely vintage decoration. Ziferblat allows you to disconnect from the busy life outside their walls. Despite the fact you pay 3p per minute -and a lovely vintage clock will be ticking on your table counting the time-,in Ziferblat it feels as if the time stopped. I can´t say that I feel that way in that many places in London. So whether you want to work with others, by yourself, or just enjoy the nice and quite atmosphere this is a great place to go. And also yes, you are welcome to have as much coffee or tea as you want, but that´s not really the main part. After all Wetherspoons pubs do refills of filter coffee for free until 2pm, just try them if that´s what you are after. Hope Ziferblat gets to stay around for much longer, great space.

– Mónica Escudero – March 2014


Finally managed to visit Ziferblat and loved it! Ring the doorbell to gain entrance, and pay per minute for access to the super cute room with mismatching furniture and a kitchen where you can help yourself to teas, coffees and snacks. A great alternative to the noisy bars of Shoreditch, it’s great for quiet meetings and alcohol-free catch-ups.

-Katie – December 2014


Great atmosphere and sweet people who can give you epic hugs, what more could you wish for?

-Nora – April 2015


This has to be the most relaxing place in all of London, it’s a great concept and costs less then a single Starbucks. The place is beautiful and the staff are incredible.

-Matthew – March 2015


Lovely, fantastic, different, original, place……
Uno de los lugares con más encanto que conocido en mi barrio…

-Gonzalo – February 2015