Mad Hatter Tea Party – Saturday April 25th

“Why, then today is MY unbirthday too!
A very merry unbirthday to you!”

If you know Alice in Wonderland you’ll get the idea.

Wear fancy-dress (optional, but you know you want to), get your face painted, drink lovely tea and play 10-minutes games with other mad-hatters,

Play our games:

Lego challenge – Work as a team to build a scene, vehicle or building, as cool as you can. Voted best at the end gets a prize of free time in Ziferblat!

New Faces – use magazines and collage to create the face of the person to the left of you at the table – you get to keep your portrait take home and remember us bye

Royals – fast paced card game for four players, winners get prizes!

Musical Chairs – the classic childhood game, win free time to be a kid again in our secret tree-house

Jigsaw – work with everyone in the room to finish the jigsaw, everyone gets a prize if we can complete it!

We’ll start at 7pm, so arrive around 6:30 to get your face painted, put on your fancy hats and pop the kettle on.

As with all Ziferblat-run events the you only pay for your time with us, which is 5p a minute.

SPECIAL UPDATE: we’ve discovered a treasure trop of crazy caps, top hats and other ridiculous head coverings! Bring your own, but the first people to arrive get their pick of ours!